Dairy Development Co-Operative Societies
Progress of Artificial Insemination Programme
Coastal Fisheries
Progress of Artificial Insemination and Milk production
Information of Veterinary Institutes
Recognised Slaughter-Houses & Number of Animal's Slaughtered
Inland Fishery
Production of Milk products in the Government and Co-operative Dairies
Per hectare estimated production of principal crops
Talukawise Rainy Days & Total Rainfall
Use Of Chemical Fertilizers
Land Utilisation
Production of Various Crops
Seeds Distributed in the District
Area Under Different Crops
Working of Primary Co-operative Societies
Details Of Agricultural Co-operative Bank's In The District
Details of Primary Agriculture Credit Societies
Information Of Suger Factories In The District
Diffrent Types of Co-operative Institutes
Details Of Co-operative Societies
Classification of Co-operative Societies By Audit Class Classification
Working of Co-operative banks at State/District level
No Of Licensed Money Lenders & Loans Disbursed By Them
Working of non-Agriculture credit societies
Classification of Forest in the District
Target and achivement of tree plantation under Social Forestry Programme
Project wise area and expenditure under Wildlife and National parks/sancturies
Details of Major and Minor forest products
Total Forest Area In the District
Working Of District & Primary Marketing Societies
Yearly Agricultural Commodities In Controlled Market
Quaterly average wholsale prices of selected agriculture products