Inland Fishery
Production of Milk products in the Government and Co-operative Dairies
Recognised Slaughter-Houses & Number of Animal's Slaughtered
Coastal Fisheries
Information of Veterinary Institutes
Progress of Artificial Insemination and Milk production
Progress of Artificial Insemination Programme
Dairy Development Co-Operative Societies
Use Of Chemical Fertilizers
Area Under Different Crops
Land Utilisation
Talukawise Rainy Days & Total Rainfall
Per hectare estimated production of principal crops
Production of Various Crops
Seeds Distributed in the District
Details of Primary Agriculture Credit Societies
Information Of Suger Factories In The District
Diffrent Types of Co-operative Institutes
Details Of Co-operative Societies
Classification of Co-operative Societies By Audit Class Classification
Working of Co-operative banks at State/District level
Working of non-Agriculture credit societies
No Of Licensed Money Lenders & Loans Disbursed By Them
Working of Primary Co-operative Societies
Details Of Agricultural Co-operative Bank's In The District
Classification of Forest in the District
Target and achivement of tree plantation under Social Forestry Programme
Details of Major and Minor forest products
Project wise area and expenditure under Wildlife and National parks/sancturies
Total Forest Area In the District
Working Of District & Primary Marketing Societies
Yearly Agricultural Commodities In Controlled Market
Quaterly average wholsale prices of selected agriculture products